Our first ever Broughton Primary School Council are elected, along with our Eco Warriors and are presented with their badges of office.

School Council and Eco Warriors 2014

The Y5 and Y6 pupils spent two great days at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Museum.  They will be using the experience to enhance their writing and as the basis for much of their visual art work this term!  They all behaved brilliantly.  Well done Y5 and Y6. 

Grimsby Fishing Heritage 2014

The first day of our new building, September 2014 

Broughton Primary School First Day 2014

The building of the new school is going well, and is on schedule.  Below you can see the story of the build so far...
Last updated Wednesday 27th August 2014. 

Broughton Primary School New Build

We aim to provide quality education at this School in a caring and friendly atmosphere. We hope that you will always feel welcome here and want to take part in both the academic and social life of the School. We are here to help if you have a problem, or even occasionally a complaint, just feel free to come in and discuss it with us. Complaining at the gate never changes anything; I promise we will always listen to what you have to say.
Education is a partnership and we all need to work together. Long gone at Broughton are the days when parents were not welcome in school, don't be afraid, none of our teachers bite, in fact they are all quite human!
Finally, I want your child to be happy, achieve the most they can and leave here as a confident, well mannered and educated young person.
Our view of education can best be summed up by the following Chinese proverb:

Mr P K Hargrave


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Parents are reminded that outside of the School environment  it is possible to change the settings of this image search engine, allowing inappropriate material to be displayed.  Security software prevents this within School. It is our belief that children of Primary School age should not be left unsupervised while using the internet.

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