Broughton Primary School Council meet with Crowle Primary School Council to discuss lunchtime provision and how both schools might work together to improve their provision.

Crowle Primary School Council and Broughton Primary School Council meet to discuss lunchtimes

Andrew Percy MP meets with our School Council as part of Parliament Week.  They and he discussed local and international issues and he invited them to visit him in London in the Spring Term 2015.

 Christmas is coming, and the School Choir gave an amazing performance, which the the whole of Broughton can be justly proud of, at the switching on of the North Lincolnshire Christmas Lights on Thursday 20th November 2014.  

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As November begins Link to Hope came to collect 124 shoe boxes so that they can begin their journey to Eastern Europe ready for Christmas - well done to all those families which took part in this year's campaign, organised by Mr Heward.

Link to Hope Shoe Box Appeal 2014

The Mayor of Broughton and Governors welcome a party of teachers from China to Broughton Primary School.  This was a great opportunity for our pupils to demonstrate their skills in Mandarin, singing and Chinese Morning Exercises.  It also saw the first formal use of our Ceremonial Entrance with formal flag raising and the playing of the National Anthems.  Our Chinese guests were all very impressed and we can all be proud of our great pupils.

Chinese TEacher Visit November 2014


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The building of the new school is going well, and is on schedule.  Below you can see the story of the build so far...
Last updated Wednesday 27th August 2014. 

Broughton Primary School New Build

We aim to provide quality education at this School in a caring and friendly atmosphere. We hope that you will always feel welcome here and want to take part in both the academic and social life of the School. We are here to help if you have a problem, or even occasionally a complaint, just feel free to come in and discuss it with us. Complaining at the gate never changes anything; I promise we will always listen to what you have to say.
Education is a partnership and we all need to work together. Long gone at Broughton are the days when parents were not welcome in school, don't be afraid, none of our teachers bite, in fact they are all quite human!
Finally, I want your child to be happy, achieve the most they can and leave here as a confident, well mannered and educated young person.
Our view of education can best be summed up by the following Chinese proverb:

Mr P K Hargrave


Parents are reminded that outside of the School environment  it is possible to change the settings of this image search engine, allowing inappropriate material to be displayed.  Security software prevents this within School. It is our belief that children of Primary School age should not be left unsupervised while using the internet.